Fire Prevention

Pursuant to Act XXXI of 1996 Article 13, the marketing, distribution and installation of devices, machines and equipment posing a fire or explosion hazard is only permitted in possession of a fire-prevention compliance certificate.
ExVA Kft. – as a certification body duly designated by the Ministry of Interior of Hungary – is authorised to conduct the testing required for such fire-prevention compliance certificates, and to issue the certificates.

Subject to request, ExVA Kft. can issue a Fire Prevention Certificates for explosion-proof products. An explosion is a special kind of combustion with a propagation that is faster than that of “normal” combustion. In accordance with the above, the explosion-proof Compliance and Fire Prevention Certificates attest compliance further to similar requirements. Based on our experience, specialists at the fire departments expect the availability of a Fire Prevention Certificate in multiple areas of use.

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  • Throughout the many years of our cooperation with ExVA, we have always been impressed with the unusually high level of preparedness among their personnel. They have been happy to help us in the certification process of all our products.

    Miklós Kovács – CEO, Szerver Szektor Kft.
  • We have worked with ExVA Kft. and their predecessor (BKI) since 1992. Over the past nearly 30 years, they have completed several dozen type-test certifications for us. They provide high-standard professional support for the design phase of the equipment our Company manufactures for use in potentially explosive environments and for conducting their testing according to the requirements of the latest EU Directive, as well as for the proper functioning of our production quality assurance.

    Levente Földi, Head of Technical, Földfém Gépgyártó és Javító Kft.
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