We specialise in the safety of hazardous work areas. We create the conditions for reassured work through testing and certification.
The level of preparedness, the professional competence and the many years of experience our team possesses enable us to assist our partners in the compliance with requirements referring to explosion proofing, and the prevention of incidents involving damage that may occur in explosive areas.


ExVA Ltd’s core activity involves the testing and certification of equipment intended for potentially C environments. In our work, we engage in the qualification and evaluation of products in terms of explosion-proofing criteria before goods are placed on the market, acting as what is known as an “unaffiliated third party” in the OEM/merchant/end user chain. In other words, our activity that is preventive in nature helps averting serious industrial disasters.

Our goal is to ensure the conditions for reassured work across the board: our service delivery helps manufacturers in being able to produce safe products which use does not cause any emergency in critically flammable and potentially explosive installations (e.g. oil refineries, chemical plants, pharmaceutical factories, paint shops, lumber plants, agricultural silos, etc.)

The pursuit of our core activity is required by a European Union Directive and a Hungarian ministerial decree. Within the EU, this service may only be provided in possession of designation duly granted by the European Commission, while participation in the global organisation is subject to accreditation and designation. Our company has domestic, as well as European (ATEX) and global (IECEx) accreditation and designation alike.

You can download our national accreditations from the pages below:

Accreditation of Product Certification Body

Accreditation of Testing Laboratory

In Hungary today, ExVA Ltd. is the only firm that has the accredited status and an accredited test laboratory to engage in conformity assessment in the designated area.

ExVA Ltd. has proven that its activity is equally indispensable on both Hungarian and foreign markets. The company looks back on 70 years of professional experience. It has issued close to 6,000 certifications over the years, making a name recognised across four continents for itself, and consistently achieving top 5 ranking at international proficiency audits.


The beginning

ExVA Ltd’s history goes back 70 years, our name is known and recognised on four continents. Our company’s predecessors were established by the Hungarian State’s Ministry of Heavy Industry, and it engaged in the testing and certification of firedamp and explosion-proof electrical installations from 1960. The Test Station was initially a part of the Mining Research Institute (BKI), then that of the Central Mining Development Institute (KBFI). It was restructured in 1978, and by splitting from the Central Mining Development Institute, ExVA Ltd., the testing station for explosion-proof electrical installations, was established as a stand-alone company on 15 March 1994. In 1999, we were already manufacturing a spark test apparatus for testing stations abroad.

Dynamic steps of progress

In 2000, ExVÁ Ltd. became a designated member of the international IECEx organisation (International Electrotechnical Commission System for Certification to Standards Relating to Equipment for Use in Explosive Atmospheres, IECEx System), and in 2003, the company became an ATEX-accredited testing and certification body. Testing and certification was performed on the basis of Minister of Economic Affairs Decree 8/2002 (Feb 16) GM and Directive 94/9/EC. Through Hungary’s accession to the European Union, ExVÁ Ltd. has been a notified body (number 1418) since 2004. In 2005, our company acquired designation for issuing Fire-Prevention Compliance Certificates, and in 2014, we enhanced our spark test apparatus. On 27 September 2017, ExVÁ Ltd. received a new ATEX designation. At that time, we were already pursuing our activities on the basis of the 2014/34/EU Directive and Minister for National Economy Decree 35/2016 (27 Sep) NGM, as an EU Notified Body.

Present and Future

March 2020 saw the start of a new era in the life of ExVA Ltd.: Our company was acquired by Béres Pharmaceuticals Pty. Ltd., and although we developed a fresh image and a new strategy, we continue to remain at our customers’ disposal as experts with decades of experience in our field with the same enthusiasm and professionalism we’ve always been having in the past 70 years. Not only did we take a rebranding step, but we changed our name to ExVA Vizsgáló és Tanúsító Kft. (abbreviated as ExVA Kft.) in Hungarian, and ExVA Testing & Certification Ltd. in English. The ExVA acronym is derived from the internationally known expression, Explosion-Proof Verification & Approval.


ExVA has won the right to use the Y2020 Value and Quality Grand Prize certification mark and the distinction title that goes with it for each of two of its products – the spark test apparatus and the digital precision gas mixer.

In 2021, ExVA won the Marketing Diamond Award of the Hungarian Marketing Association in the brand building category.


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