Ex-proof Documentation

ExVA Kft’s team undertakes the compiling of ex-proof documentation, along with the drafting and organising of summaries of measures introduced for the risk assessment and prevention of potential explosion hazards concerning given technologies and plants, doing so based on the EU ATEX 137 Directive (99/92/EC) and Joint Minister of Employment Policy and Labour/Minister of Health, Social and Family Affairs Decree 3/2003 (11 Mar) FMM-ESZCSM on the minimum occupational safety requirements of workplaces located in potentially explosive environments.

The aforementioned regulations specify binding expectations for operators referring to the minimum work safety requirements for workplaces in potentially explosive environments, and the documentation of the same; based on which entire technologies, factories and plants may only be operated in the possession of ex-proof documentation.

The one-by-one elimination of ignition sources occurring during normal operation is given serious emphasis in this documentation, along with the summary of experiences from the records of mandatory revisions completed, and this is intended to ensure safe work for employees working in explosive environments.

The documentation comprises a document consolidated with risk assessment applicable to the employees, which is capable of providing a qualitative picture of risk levels at the various workplaces, and – if necessary – can also formulate proposals in the interest of reducing such risk levels. Ex-proof documentation must be kept up-to-date and needs revising in case of any change impacting explosion proofing is made in the process technology.


  • We are completely satisfied with the work of the ExVA team. We carry out several joint works with them and they have always been willing and helpful in responding to our inquiries. The work is always done on time and with professional precision. They are immediately available for any questions that may arise and will be answered constructively.

    Ádám Vasvári – Managing director, ABP-Corp. Kft.
  • ExVA Ltd. have been an excellent support in the explosion proof certification process of our BlueEye™ Ex-D combustible gas analyzer. Nagy and his team have supported us with solutions to the technical challenges rather then just pointing out what isn`t possible. All this in a very efficient way, allowing us short time to market whilst avoiding unnecessary cost. We can highly recommend to use ExVA`s services.

    Bart Riemens – CEO, Bright Sensors SA
  • Throughout the many years of our cooperation with ExVA, we have always been impressed with the unusually high level of preparedness among their personnel. They have been happy to help us in the certification process of all our products.

    Miklós Kovács – CEO, Szerver Szektor Kft.
  • We have worked with ExVA Kft. and their predecessor (BKI) since 1992. Over the past nearly 30 years, they have completed several dozen type-test certifications for us. They provide high-standard professional support for the design phase of the equipment our Company manufactures for use in potentially explosive environments and for conducting their testing according to the requirements of the latest EU Directive, as well as for the proper functioning of our production quality assurance.

    Levente Földi, Head of Technical, Földfém Gépgyártó és Javító Kft.
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