Customised Laboratory Tests

Our partners do not need to operate a specific laboratory or purchase expensive instruments, as our accredited test laboratory has a number of calibrated instruments and devices that can be used not only for explosion-proof testing, but for other fields as well. Our highly-qualified staff has ample professional know-how to offer our partners the conducting of the following tests:
Various material tests, machine safety tests, inspections, tests for the effects of humidity, cold resistance testing, heat resistance testing and many other regular or custom tests.


Heat and cold resistance test

Our ANGELANTONI and CTS climatic test chambers can be used to conduct heat-resistance and cold-resistance tests, and also to perform testing for the effects of humidity.

Our company engages in the heat resistance, cold resistance tests, and testing for the effects of humidity in all kinds of industrial metals and non-metallic materials, consistently with local and foreign legal regulations and against the related standards. All three test types shall meet the following standard: (MSZ – i.e. Hungarian Standard) EN IEC 60079-0

ANGELANTONI Discovery DY 110C climatic test chamber:

Temperature range: -75°C to +180°C
Humidity: 10% to 98% (+20 to +94 °C)
Capacity: 110L

CTS C-70/1500 climatic test chamber properties:

Temperature range: -75°C to +180°C Excursion ≤ ±0.3K (as a function of time)
Humidity: 10% to 98% (+10°C to +95°C)
Capacity: 1500L                Testing chamber dimensions: 1,000 x 1,600 x 900mm (Width x Depth x Height)
Temperature rate: Heating: 3.5K/min. Cooling: 2.0K/min.

Dimensional inspection and revision

We can also carry out inspection and revision of gap gauges on various products, such as printed circuit boards and pressure-tight casings. A MITUTOYO measuring microscope with a 5μ accuracy of measurement is used for such work.

MITUTOYO measuring microscope:

QS-L 200 Z
Measuring range:
X axis 200mm
Y axis 100mm
Z axis 100mm
Resolution: 0.0005mm
Measurement principle: Edge detection algorithm
Length accuracy deviation: (5+0.6L/100) m
(L = length of measurement in mm)
Magnification: 0.5x to 3.5x
Illumination: Standard compliant co-axial light, standard compliant transmitted and ring light

Other tests

Our METREL® MultiServicer type MI 2170 unit can be used to carry out the following tests:

  • Automatic electric shock protection testing and reviews need to be performed to reveal ESP-related defects, and they comprise the following steps: Visual inspection, detailed instrument measurement, and the thorough evaluation of measurement results.
  • The breakdown voltage test equipment can be used to carry out safety inspections for all sorts of electrical appliances.
  • The breakdown field strength test is intended to establish the need to apply safety distances, as well as to determine such for high-voltage systems.
  • Performing ground protective lead continuity, current drain and voltage drop measurements is simple with the help of the breakdown voltage test equipment, since these inspections are also essential in the testing of electrical appliances.
  • Insulation resistance testing can be used to verify the suitability of coils, and check for any defects that may appear on the insulation.
  • Our discharge time measurement test is used when measuring breakers , as well as the activation time of protective systems.
  • Leakage current can influence the operational safety of electrical installations, and – in some cases – may produce mains interference, which is why it is important to perform periodic leakage current measurements.

The ZWICK model 3104 rubber hardness tester can be used for testing the following materials:

  • The rubber hardness tester can be used to inspect the following materials: rubber, elastomer, neoprene, silicon, vinyl, soft plastic, felt, leather and similar materials.

A SEFELEC type M1500P insulation resistance and leakage current meter is used for our surface resistivity tests.

  • A SEFELEC M1500P type insulation resistance and leakage current meter is used for our surface resistivity tests.
    Test voltage: 1 to 1500V,
    Resistance measurement: 100Ω to 2000TΩ,
    Maximum current: 10pA to 20mA.

Our Annovi Reverberi type HRHW 15.15 pressure booster affords the opportunity for the tightness and mechanical strength testing of cable inlets on pressure-resistant encapsulations

  • Measuring range: between 0 and 150bar

The type DAQ973A/ DAQM901A multi-channel measurement data acquisition unit from KEYSIGHT Technologies is used for our temperature measurement test.

Temperature range: –40°C to +750°C

The GW-INSTEK type GPT-12002A breakdown and ground continuity metering instrument is used for our breakdown voltage test.

  • AC breakdown test: 5000V,
  • DC breakdown test: 6000V,
  • GC ground continuity test: 100mA

A proprietary stand suitable for the configuration of automatically adjustable forces and speeds has been built to carry out custom mechanical tests, and it can be used for a broad range of load and stress testing. The Hottinger Brüel & Kjaer GmbH type HBK U9C/2KN tensile and compressive force measuring cell can be adjusted between 20N and 2kN to an accuracy of 0.2% using the ClipX industrial measurement amplifier.


  • We are completely satisfied with the work of the ExVA team. We carry out several joint works with them and they have always been willing and helpful in responding to our inquiries. The work is always done on time and with professional precision. They are immediately available for any questions that may arise and will be answered constructively.

    Ádám Vasvári – Managing director, ABP-Corp. Kft.
  • ExVA Ltd. have been an excellent support in the explosion proof certification process of our BlueEye™ Ex-D combustible gas analyzer. Nagy and his team have supported us with solutions to the technical challenges rather then just pointing out what isn`t possible. All this in a very efficient way, allowing us short time to market whilst avoiding unnecessary cost. We can highly recommend to use ExVA`s services.

    Bart Riemens – CEO, Bright Sensors SA
  • Throughout the many years of our cooperation with ExVA, we have always been impressed with the unusually high level of preparedness among their personnel. They have been happy to help us in the certification process of all our products.

    Miklós Kovács – CEO, Szerver Szektor Kft.
  • We have worked with ExVA Kft. and their predecessor (BKI) since 1992. Over the past nearly 30 years, they have completed several dozen type-test certifications for us. They provide high-standard professional support for the design phase of the equipment our Company manufactures for use in potentially explosive environments and for conducting their testing according to the requirements of the latest EU Directive, as well as for the proper functioning of our production quality assurance.

    Levente Földi, Head of Technical, Földfém Gépgyártó és Javító Kft.
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