Other tests

Besides its core activity, ExVA Kft. also undertakes the performing of numerous custom tests. Such testing is custom tailored to our partners’ needs. This includes electrical testing, air handling related measurements, the inspection of plastics, thermal imaging, gas technology tests, as well as measurement and data collection.

Electrical tests

  • Breakdown test
  • Insulation test

Electrical testing – including breakdown tests and insulation tests – is performed to determine the insulation properties, that is, to be precise, the insulation dip voltage of insulating materials, clearances and creepage distances. This test is performed for appliances or insulating components where voltages occurring in the appliance or those produced when using the respective insulating material reach or exceed the standard-compliant value, and if extreme circumstances can arise during the use of a given component (material).

Air-handling measurements

  • Air velocity measurement
  • Flow measurement

For technologies where the explosion hazard is prevented using pressurised protection, inlet and outlet volumes need to be measured. Quantities required for protection can be calculated from the result of air velocity and flow measurements.

Plastic testing

  • Insulation resistance measurement
  • Surface resistivity measurement
  • Heat and cold resistance measurement
  • Conditioning of materials in a heat chamber

Our company also engages in the testing of insulating materials, plastics and casting plastics used in electrical installations. Cold resistance measurements can be used to determine the physical deformations and changes of such materials.

Surface resistivity is measured according to the (MSZ) EN IEC 60079-0 (Hungarian) standard for all apparatuses whose surface has the capacity to take up an electrostatic charge. These materials are subjected to conditioning in the climatic chamber before testing.

Thermal imaging

  • 3D thermal imaging
  • Heat maps

Thermal imaging tests and heat mapping is used to survey the surface temperature of appliances and industrial facilities.

Gas technology testing

  • Precision measurement of the concentration of H2 and CH4 gas mixtures
  • Production of freely chosen gas concentrations

Our own precision gas analyser is used to determine the exact concentration of any type of gas that may be present in explosive premises.
The computer-controlled precision digital gas mixer we developed and manufacture can produce any gas concentration with an accuracy of 0.1%.

Measurement and data capture

  • Temperature measurement
  • Voltage measurement
  • Current measurement

Temperature measurements constitute an indispensable test for electrical equipment, and are used to determine the respective product’s temperature class. We can perform such temperature measurements with very high accuracy with our logger. We have the capacity to measure the electrical parameters (voltage, current) of components whose specifications are not adequately accurate in the standard, and we can also verify whether these are consistent with the values declared by the manufacturer.

Ingress protection testing

Machinery, equipment and electrical appliances are designed by manufacturers with enclosures that are suitable for the conditions of use. In some cases the expected use must be ensured safely and, where possible, permanently even in extreme weather and operating conditions (e.g. dusty, wet environments). Methods for simulating the most common environmental conditions (e.g. dripping water, water jets, dust) are also available in the IP standards. Such tests are usually carried out for manufacturers in appropriately designed laboratory environments and under controlled conditions, before placing the product on the market or putting it into service. We have the capacity to perform tests associated with the following IP grades, on electrical products (EN/IEC 60529), rotating machinery (EN/IEC 60034-5), lamps (EN/IEC 60598-1) and electrical components for motor vehicles (ISO 20653):

Protection against water

  • IPX1 Protected against vertically falling water drops
  • IPX2 Protected against vertically falling water drops with enclosure tilted up to 15 degrees
  • IPX3 Protected against spraying water
  • IPX4 Protected against splashing water
  • IPX4K Protected against splashing water with increased pressure
  • IPX5 Protected against water jets
  • IPX6 Protected against powerful water jets (waves)
  • IPX6K Protected against powerful, high-speed water jets with increased pressure
  • IPX7 Protected against the effects of temporary immersion in water
  • IPX8 Protected against the effects of continuous immersion in water
  • IPX9 Protected against powerful high-temperature water jets
  • IPX9K Protected against close-range high pressure, high-temperature spray downs

Protection against solid objects

  • IP1X Protected against solid objects 50mm diameter and greater (contact with the back of a hand)
  • IP2X Protected against solid objects 12.5mm diameter and greater (contact with fingers)
  • IP3X Protected against solid objects 2.5mm diameter and greater (contact with tools)
  •  IP4X Protected against solid objects 1mm diameter and greater (contact with wires)
  • IP5X/IP5KX Dust-protected and against contact with wires
  • IP6X/IP6KX Dust-tight and against contact with wires


  • We are completely satisfied with the work of the ExVA team. We carry out several joint works with them and they have always been willing and helpful in responding to our inquiries. The work is always done on time and with professional precision. They are immediately available for any questions that may arise and will be answered constructively.

    Ádám Vasvári – Managing director, ABP-Corp. Kft.
  • ExVA Ltd. have been an excellent support in the explosion proof certification process of our BlueEye™ Ex-D combustible gas analyzer. Nagy and his team have supported us with solutions to the technical challenges rather then just pointing out what isn`t possible. All this in a very efficient way, allowing us short time to market whilst avoiding unnecessary cost. We can highly recommend to use ExVA`s services.

    Bart Riemens – CEO, Bright Sensors SA
  • Throughout the many years of our cooperation with ExVA, we have always been impressed with the unusually high level of preparedness among their personnel. They have been happy to help us in the certification process of all our products.

    Miklós Kovács – CEO, Szerver Szektor Kft.
  • We have worked with ExVA Kft. and their predecessor (BKI) since 1992. Over the past nearly 30 years, they have completed several dozen type-test certifications for us. They provide high-standard professional support for the design phase of the equipment our Company manufactures for use in potentially explosive environments and for conducting their testing according to the requirements of the latest EU Directive, as well as for the proper functioning of our production quality assurance.

    Levente Földi, Head of Technical, Földfém Gépgyártó és Javító Kft.
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