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1 The Controller

ExVA Vizsgáló és Tanúsító Korlátolt Felelősségű Társaság
Registered office: H-1037 Budapest, Mikoviny Sámuel u. 2-4.
Represented by: Ágnes Bálint, Executive Director
Email: [email protected]
(hereinafter: the Controller)

For cookies served by a third party provider (e.g. Facebook), the data collected by the cookie will be sent to that provider. Such providers are separate controllers, independent from us. The location of their processing notice is provided in the description of the relevant cookie.


2 What is a cookie?

A cookie is a small text file which is stored on the hard disk of your computer or mobile device until the expiry date set in the cookie, and will be activated (sent back to the web server) on return visits to the website. The website uses cookies to record information specific to the visit (pages visited, length of time spent on the site, browsing data, exits, etc.), and personal settings in order to help make the website more user friendly and enhance the user experience.

Cookies are classified according to their expiry date, function and origin as follows:


2.1 Session and persistent cookies

According to their expiry date, cookies can be divided into two categories, session cookies and persistent cookies.

Session cookies are stored on PCs, notebooks or mobile devices temporarily, until the visitor leaves the page. They are used to ‘remember’ information on a return visit and help avoid having to fill in the same information again. The validity period of session cookies is limited to the current session. These cookies are designed to prevent data loss (for example, while filling in a longer form). Once the session ends or the browser window is closed, they are automatically deleted from the visitor’s computer.

Persistent cookies remain on the computer, notebook or mobile device, even after the visitor leaves the website. They enable the website to recognise the visitor as a returning visitor. They are essential for optimal functionality wherever user authentication is required (e.g. web shops, online banking, webmail). Persistent cookies do not contain personal data and can only identify a user in conjunction with matching data stored in the server database. Expiry dates are specified in the description of the relevant persistent cookie.


2.2 First-party and third-party cookies

Cookies placed by our own web server on the device are called first-party cookies, while cookies added by a third party provider, such as Google, are third-party cookies.

2.3 Necessary, statistical and marketing cookies

Necessary cookies provide the functionality essential for the website to work, such as to help completing forms. As the website cannot function without these cookies, it is not required to obtain the visitor’s consent for them.

Statistical cookies collect statistical data about the visitor’s use of the website, such as topics viewed, links clicked on, or website navigation, telling us for example which articles are the most popular. Not being essential, they require the visitor’s consent for their use.

Marketing cookies are designed to help present targeted and customised ads on various advertisement interfaces such as Google or Facebook. They, for example, analyse the manner and location of accessing the website, and record the number of visits and the videos viewed.

The function of each cookie is specified in the description.

3 What type of cookies do we use?

3.1 Cookies essential to the functionality of the website

Legal basis of processing: Pursuant to Section 13/A(3) of Act CVIII of 2001 on Certain Aspects of Electronic Commerce Services and Information Society Services, our legitimate interest in ensuring the proper functionality of the website. In the event the cookie is deleted, it will not provide its intended functionality (purpose)

NamePurposeDuration of processingCookie provider

(processing notice)

rc::aThis cookie helps to distinguish real visitors from bots.Persistent cookieGoogle

Information about processing:

rc::cSession cookie


Cookie that records the cookie settings.1 (one) yearFirst-party cookie
upload-file-214_count_filesCookie that helps document upload.Persistent cookieFirst-party cookie

3.2 Cookies collecting statistical data

Legal basis of processing: The visitor’s consent to be provided in the pop-up window. Consent can be withdrawn any time and will not affect the lawfulness of processing prior to the withdrawal. In the event of withdrawal of consent, we will stop receiving browsing data.

NamePurposeDuration of processingCookie provider

(processing notice)

_gaThis cookie tracks the visitor’s use of the website, such as topics viewed, links clicked on, website navigation and pages visited.2 (two) yearsFirst-party cookie


This cookie tracks the number of visits to the website and records the time of the first and last visit.


4 How can I enable or disable cookies?


You can change your cookie settings in the pop-up window and/or the browser. Each browser is different, which means you can set your cookie preferences, including deletion, individually in your browser’s toolbar. You can find more details on cookie settings in the Help section of your browser or by clicking (Ctrl+left mouse button) on the link below.

Link to Microsoft’s guide to cookie settings:

Link to Mozilla Firefox’s guide to cookie settings

Link to Google Chrome’s guide to cookie settings:

Link to Opera’s guide to cookie settings:

Link to Apple Safari’s guide to cookie settings:


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